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Rich Cancro

Rich is the driving force behind AdvisorEngine - setting the strategic vision for the company. Rich has more than 25 years of experience creating innovative wealth management solutions, reinventing technology platforms and driving growth.

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When hyper change isn’t fast enough in wealth management

At Joel Bruckenstein’s T3 Advisor Conference this past February I communicated to advisors about a scenario we have been calling ‘hyper change.’ The basic premise is that a series of megatrends are spinning together to completely transform the wealth management industry over the next three, five, ten years.

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A letter to clients from Rich Cancro, AdvisorEngine CEO

Good morning.  I hope that you and your family are healthy. I feel very fortunate that my family and friends are doing well health wise. If your situation is anything like mine, you are balancing new demands as your personal life has merged with your professional life. For a window into my household:  I’ve been locked down in my NYC loft with my family playing teacher / short order cook / Sonos DJ / Paw Patrol watcher / Ticket to Ride competitor. I have always appreciated teachers -- now my appreciation and admiration is sky high...Truly: how do they do it?

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My favorite wealth management event

What a week. After reviewing the feedback on this year’s event, I feel confident saying that >drive2019 was our best yet. There are dozens of wealth management conferences out there, but this one ranks as my favorite industry event. Two essential elements make it stand out: The strength of the community 💪 The actionable information that attendees take back to their offices to implement 💡📝 Below is a rundown of the 2019 event. Don't miss out next year! Our >drive2020 event will take place October 7th through October 9th, 2020 at the Austin Marriott Downtown. Register TODAY! 

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