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Christy Rogers Uses Running and Technology to Stay Sharp

This operations and compliance coordinator started running during her lunch breaks. 11 marathons and 75 half-marathons later, Christy Rogers has hit her stride as a leader🏃

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Joel Bruckenstein  |  Technology

The Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Financial Technology

Financial advisors face countless challenges in their daily practices – especially in this day and age. In order to implement a broader technology strategy at your firm, you must approach it from a technology as well as a business standpoint. Analyze how your business can benefit from the use of technology.

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Technology  |  Wealth Management

A Guide to Wealth Management Technology Costs: How to be a Savvy Buyer

You know that you want to modernize your firm’s technology. But how much does wealth management technology cost? Knowledge is power: after reading this guide, you’ll be a smart buyer – and understand the true ‘all-in’ cost of advisor technology.

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